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Our ultimate goal is to build a sickle cell center where adequate care and attention will be paid to people with this ailment, where free drugs will be administered to those who cannot afford the drugs.

In March 2012, We are trying to help a young chap by the name tochukwu Egungwu raise 20,000 dollars to have a vascular surgery and skin regrafting done.

On the 17th of April the total funds for Mr Egungwu’s surgery was raised. we beat our track record in raising this funds in a time frame of 2 months.

18th of April, We are working on a sensitization project to educate students in Secondary Schools in the FCT on the need to know their genotypes, the dangers in not knowing and marry a spouse whose genotype doesnt match theirs and also what sickle cell is, how it can be managed.

We hope to carry out such sensitization campaigns in other states if sponsored by the state governments or individuals.

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