Our Projects

Our Projects

1. Ongoing.
Ultimate goal of building a center.

2. March 2012.
Raised $20,000 for a young man named Mr Tochukwu Egwungu to undergo a vascular surgery and skin redrafting in India. This was achieved in the space of 2 months.

3. On going.
Have carried out sensitization seminars in about 5 secondary schools in the FCT on the “know your genotype” campaign. Still working on more.

4. On going.
Know you genotype campaigns and free genotype testing campaigns in various municipal in Abuja FCT.

5. July 2019.
Finished shooting an awareness film on sickle cell titled “the Crescent” to be released in September.

We hope to carry out sensitization campaigns in other states if sponsored by state government or individuals.

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